X-E1/X-E2 Quirks and X-Trans bizarre artifacts Part II

My post regarding the X-E1 issues literally unleashed many X-Photographers: 49 Replies on the Dpreview forum, 11 emails and 8 comments. As I expected, some have been unkind, (often without suggesting a solution), other have been really helpful. I also received an email from Patrick from Fujirumors and my “debate” is finally out on his blog, Thank you Patrick!


On October 18th Fujifilm will present the new X-E2 camera, with a wider 3 inch screen, lens modulation optimizer, 0.08 sec Autofocus speed, EXR II processor and a relocated Q button. But, not enough for me to switch… I would like a sturdier built removing the terrible plastic back panel and less buttons. As I answered Jerry “I think it’s possible to remove all 4 buttons on the left, putting a playback button under the dialer and a 4+1 buttons wheel on the right. After pressing one of the 4 buttons, It would have a dialer function useful for zooming in playback and scrolling through parameters. An example: wheel left to activate zone selecting, then moving with arrows and Esc with half shutter. Wheel right for entering the drive options, wheel dialer for scrolling, center menu ok button to confirm selection. Wheel up and down for AE and AF. I am not a Fuji engineer, my idea is absolutely improvable.”. Regarding the white outlines on black & white conversions (encounted in 15% of shots), clever users suggested a couple of tricks that clearly reduced the artifact:

  1. Regardless of which software you use, switch off any Sharpness module
  2. Try Silkypix developer studio Pro 5, Iridient and Capture One. (189€+75$+229€)
  3. Compare Tiff files
  4. Start working directly on Jpegs out of camera (work on 16bit since you load file)


all in lightroom 5. Outline is present


Jpeg Out of Camera, BW conversion with Nik SilverFx


Tiff output from Silkypix Developer Studio Pro 5, BW conversion with Nik Silver Fx


Tiff output from Silkypix Developer Studio Pro 5, BW conversion with Nik Silver Fx. Outline is present but “acceptable”

As I said to Jerry, Jpegs are wonderful, the problem is not in the sensor. The problem is extracting Tiffs from different developers (not Free!) and comparing them to check which version doesn’t show artifacts. For me this IS an issue. Those users that I called “worshippers” persist to make the point insisting that it’s not Fuji to be blamed but software houses… I don’t care, I don’t seek to lay the blame on anyone. Sometimes I struggle with raw developers, period. It’s not enough to overcome the many Pros of this jewel, but it is still a relevant point.



2 thoughts on “X-E1/X-E2 Quirks and X-Trans bizarre artifacts Part II

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  2. First, if you have not got your hands on a pre-production X-E2, you may want to change the title to your blog post. You can’t possibly talk about any quirks the X-E2 has if you never used it. In regards to your post that rubbed many X users the wrong way, it’s a given. If you are an active user on a Fuji forum, you will notice many people joining up and complaining about the Fujis with no real basis. What I mean by this is, they complain before reading the manual or figuring out the camera. There is a lot of this going on; therefore, when seasoned X users read any sort of “gripe” post, they will jump all over it. In sum, they are tired of reading posts about how the Fujis should be changed or should be this or that, and how one person wants it to be something totally different. The Fuji cameras are what they are. If someone does not like how they look, does not like the button layout, etc. when they take it out of the box, then perhaps they should just return the camera and buy something that is more suited to them, rather than banging on about it on the web. Fuji users are tired – me being one of them – of people “trying” to change the Fuji cameras when in fact, for the vast majority of Fuji X users, they are fine just as they are. Anyhow, that is my opinion and everyone is allowed to have one. Happy shooting.

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